Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

Job Summary:

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) will cultivate and maintain strong customer relationships that will leverage the CSM to drive successful adoption of Gaine products and services within their assigned customer accounts.  They will build and sustain these relationships by aligning Gaine and customer staff around outcomes, efforts and priorities in a manner that drives high levels of customer satisfaction.

Achieving success as a CSM requires the individual to develop expertise in Gaine’s Coperer platform and its related modules with an emphasis on understanding how Gaine’s products and services add value to the customer’s business processes.

The CSM role requires effective interaction with Sales, Data Quality, Product Implementation, Operations, and Product Management teams to ensure timely and effective response to opportunities and issues that arise within the CSM’s accounts.

Due to the technical nature of Gaine’s solution it is also critical that Gaine CSM’s demonstrate the ability to manage technical initiatives in an enterprise software and enterprise data management ecosystem.


Essential Functions:

(Technical Expertise-Depth & Breadth)

  • Understand the broad concepts and techniques related to the function of relational databases in support of enterprise business applications.
  • Understand the broad concepts and techniques related to enterprise application integration involving the use of web services, direct database connectivity and secure file transfer integration patterns.
  • Possess the ability to drill into sufficient depth to understand the full context of how a customer’s data and business process challenges are dependent on Gaine’s product functionality. It is not important that the CSM understand how to implement technical solutions, but it is very important that the CSM be able to explain how a given customer scenario is impacting the customer’s business process. The CSM must also be able to communicate the relative impact a challenge is having on Gaine’s ability to fulfill its customer commitments.
  • Possess the ability to explain the rationale and approach for Gaine recommended solutions in a manner that can be comprehended and accepted by both technical and non-technical members of customer staff.
  • Possess a broad understanding of enterprise software delivery practices (product development and solution implementation). These practices include but are not limited to expertise in business process improvement, data migration process, requirements definition, testing (unit, system, and acceptance), support (defect tracking, lights-on-operations).


Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree required or equivalent experience in related field
Analytical Skills:
  • Work with project teams to facilitate analysis of technical and economic feasibility of proposed solutions. Required skills in this area include but are not limited to the ability to evaluate a solution’s impact on existing scope, budget and staffing levels against historical baselines.
  • Track and manage project/request hours expended relative to available customer budget.
  • Understand industry standard metrics to interpret measurement of customer success across all Gaine initiatives (i.e., value realization, plan vs. actuals, customer profitability)
Communication Skills:
  • Able to clearly communicate expectations, plans, and requirements for successful Gaine solution delivery to all levels of customer and internal staff.
  • Able to deliver balanced positive and negative feedback to team members throughout the duration of the account to ensure that expectations remain aligned.
  • Provide succinct and accurate communication to Gaine executive team to provide visibility to outcome achievement and risks to successful customer adoption.
  • Collect and disseminate all the relevant inputs required to enable Gaine executives to make effective decisions when decision escalation is required.
Business Acumen:
  • Understand the value chain for Gaine customers and linkage between customer business requirements and Gaine technical solution requirements.
  • Understand program, project, and request management practices (methodologies, tools, and techniques). These management practices include but are not limited to the following: program/project governance, delivery management models (waterfall, scrum), project planning (work breakdown structures), support request backlog management.
  • Utilize business acumen to help solution teams assess relative impact of delivery risks/issues on critical outcome delivery.


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