Coperor Health Data Exchange

What is a Gaine Health Data eXchange (HDX)?

Gaine Health Data eXchange (HDX) enables the exchange of information between companies across an entire ecosystem.


The Gaine Health Data eXchange enables the exchange of knowledge, not just data.

Exchanging data is not the same as exchanging knowledge.

If data does not share a common context, or compatible data standards it will not be meaningful to its audience. Even with the adoption of emerging data standards such as FHIR, the way individual companies interpret the standard and use the data fields leads to serious misalignments that defeat the sharing of knowledge.

HDX solves each of the pervasive challenges that frustrate the exchange of knowledge between contracted companies in an integrated ecosystem.

At the core of HDX are an industry model and a set of translation rules that conform data to a common standard both inbound to HDX and then outbound to each connected subscriber. Each subscribing system within HDX may maintain its unique data standards without impacting the way others integrate this information.

In addition, HDX gives each subscriber control of what they share and with whom. Data in HDX is encrypted and secure in line with HITECH guidelines.

HDX enables the secure exchange of data between independent companies with surgical precision.

Applications of HDX

HDX will simplify the sharing of information, lower costs and improve data quality for all connected subscribers. Any collection of companies, formal consortia, or even single organizations with discrete divisions can deploy an HDX hub to improve the exchange of information, not just data.

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All states have essentially the same challenge that California has addressed with Symphony. If you are involved in one of these state systems, let’s chat!