Coperor One Patient
Meet the Challenge of Managing the End-to-End Life Sciences Patient Journey


Coperor One Patient consolidates and maintains accurate life sciences patient data across the customer journey. Data completeness and quality improve your team’s ability to engage, impacts conversion rates, and centralizes master data for accurate business intelligence.

Across Systems. Across Companies. One Platform.

Patient Data Quality Challenges for Life Sciences Organizations

Life sciences organizations have data mastering challenges whether they are startups or established Fortune 500 organizations.

Systems are Moving to a Cloud Ecosystem

With the growth of cloud-based application systems, it is necessary for life sciences companies to meet the unique security, encryption and integration challenges created by a hybrid or cloud-native application architecture.

Evolving Data Privacy and Consent Regulations

CCPA, GDPR, and other regulations are evolving the ways in which data must be treated across a growing number of regions in the United States and worldwide.

Consumers at the Center of Therapies

The challenges of today’s consumer-centric healthcare environment have exceeded the capabilities of traditional MDM vendors. Coperor E-MDM is ideally suited to the challenges of incorporating data from wearables, digital health devices and telehealth systems.

Top 10 Information Management Components to Manage the Patient Journey

Do you strive to give your patients the best experience possible? This pivotal startup guide walks you through the steps necessary to implement a successful go-to-market plan for commercializing your products and mastering the patient journey.

Enter Coperor One Patient

Coperor One Patient, built on the Coperor platform, helps life sciences organizations continually improve data, and to ethically and legally use this data to improve patient outcomes, manage organizational risk, and drive business efficiency in real-time.

Flexible Real-Time Integration

Flexible and efficient integrations across systems, including real-time update capabilities across all of them

Extensible Data Governance

Data governance across diverse systems from marketing, patient services, external vendors, and others

Business & Regulatory Accuracy

Accurate handling of consent, preferences, brand, and other extended profile attributes for business reasons and regulatory compliance

Ease in Scalability

The ability to scale domains, attribution, and volume as they grow with your business

External Systems Integration

Real-time publication of mastered patient data to internal and partner systems

Create a Longitudinal Patient Profile

Manage the patient journey with your organization from initial contact through to Clinical Outcome Management programs. Leverage every patient interaction to maximize results and inform future outreach programs.

Build Patient Trust With Consent Management

Leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies already understand that building patient trust is paramount to their success. Manage complex consent management policies across brands and channels.

Identify Patient Risk

Combine patient profiles and EHR data to help detect gaps in care and patient non-compliance with care plans. Identify when a patient falls below a minimum MPR threshold (suggesting possible adherence problems) and trigger alerts to the patient’s care team.

Maximize Value at Every Interaction

Empower every patient-facing application to gather and leverage patient profile information within the constraints of your privacy policy and the current regulatory environment.