Customer Success

Accelerating Quality Outcomes


Gaine is a trusted partner to help you navigate your healthcare data quality journey. Our professional services team doesn’t do “one and done” work — we create long-term value for your data and its contribution to your success.


 Across Systems. Across Companies. One Platform.

6-Point Customer Success Approach

Gaine’s six-point customer success approach combines a unique blend of healthcare domain knowledge and enterprise data management expertise that accelerates quality outcomes for your organization.

Methodology and Focused Expertise

Gaine Customer Success teams live and breathe healthcare and life sciences data and processes. Each team member also brings hands-on expertise in master data management and data integration. This unique combination of subject matter expertise helps your team thrive in less time, with less effort, and at a lower risk than you may have expected.

You are the Experts About Your Data While We are Experts in Improving Your Data Quality

Gaine’s proven processes use Coperor and our healthcare and life sciences expertise to quickly identify and root-cause your data quality issues. We work with you to automate data quality improvements and establish effective data governance processes. We help you ensure the correct data is available to the right people at the right time for your highly specialized healthcare workflows.

Immediate Impact Built for Scalability and Continuous Improvement

Our team gets you up and running quickly, often in as little as 60 to 90 days, using our standard configuration to provide a detailed initial data quality assessment. This initial assessment is used to collaboratively review and prioritize data improvement opportunities and drive focus on high-impact and high business value opportunities. Our healthcare team implements solutions with you in order of priority to allow you to progressively see data quality improvements and build business confidence with us over time.

Agile Delivery Model to Align With Your Enterprise Needs

​We enable data mastering in an iterative manner to create greater visibility to progress and accelerate business outcomes. This approach enables us to collaboratively discover your data challenges together and design thoughtful solutions that meet your requirements.

Data quality is frequently a major dependency for downstream business process improvements. Gaine’s Customer Success team coordinates with your project and program management to align the content of our implementation sprints to your program priorities. A phased, agile production approach allows downstream systems to begin leveraging data quality improvements as soon as they are available.

Gaine Customer Success Teams are Expert Vertical Industry Partners in Your Success

Gaine’s Customer Success team blends a combination of healthcare and life sciences industry experts, solution architects, business analysts, technical implementors, and methodology experts to ensure your team is positioned for success.

During the initial onboarding and implementation phase, our experts support your project team to ensure quick access to information and the assistance you need to proactively identify and act on opportunities, and address questions as they arise.

After deployment, our extended Customer Success Team remains available to proactively monitor data quality and support your organization’s downstream integration requirements and ongoing delivery of enhancements to support your strategic data quality roadmap.

A Focus on Enablement, Self-Sufficiency, and Long-Term Success

Gaine’s staff knows your team is ultimately in charge of your own solution, and we see our role as enablers to your team’s success. Our Customer Success Team takes an active interest in your organization’s goals and key business processes. We balance our focus on providing expertise to help you take advantage of quick wins with strategic guidance to position your team for self-sufficiency.

The Gaine Customer Success Team is excited to learn more about your challenges. We’re eager to show how our world-class Coperor platform and our seasoned team will bring you initial success quickly and deeper success over the long haul.

To learn more about this success story and Coperor One Provider, schedule a quick introductory discussion with a team member.