Coperor Next Generation MDM: Industry-Specific Healthcare Data Model

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Next-Gen MDM

The Gaine Healthcare Data Model is an underpinning of the Coperor platform. It enables the mastering of complex healthcare and life sciences domain-specific data within and across organizations. 

The Gaine Advantage

Healthcare and life sciences domains and data structures required for today’s healthcare and life sciences markets are vast. It’s an expertise that isn’t simple to develop, test, and deploy, especially if a vendor is focused on designing and solving for multiple vertical markets. 

That’s why healthcare and life sciences are Gaine’s sole focus. We’ve built and proven our model over many years and across extensive, complex healthcare and life sciences organizations, from payers to providers to pharmaceuticals, large and small. That includes giant state-level provider networks with more than 30,000 connected organizations. 


When speaking with a vendor, be sure to ask about the applicability of their data model to life sciences and healthcare industries, and if that model is instantiated in their product. You may be surprised when you look at the details. 

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