Coperor Next Generation MDM: Management of Complex Profiles

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Next-Gen MDM

Coperor delivers an approach to master profiles for complex healthcare and life sciences workflows.  It leverages data across sources using logic appropriate to the business context to deliver accurate attribute survivorship. 

The Gaine Advantage

Coperor applies business rules across multiple data sources specific to healthcare and life sciences domains and entities. This creates the most complete and accurate source of truth for complex master profiles across an ecosystem. Because Coperor uses industry-specific and custom rules, survivorship decisions are insightful and not merely a “latest data is correct” rule. 

For example, in a provider context, the contractual elements of hospital admission privileges, practice locations, and panel status are recorded for a doctor in one health plan differently (yet correctly) than in another health plan. Resolving discrepancies and tracking what master data is correct is dependent upon industry practices and custom logic. When necessary, Coperor triggers programmatic notifications requesting human interaction to resolve a question about a data element.  


Challenge the vendors you are exploring with your most complex profiles, workflows, and data sources both inside and outside your organization. Explore how the solution can address the widest variety of challenges you currently have in data mastering. 

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