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Enhance the Patient Journey for all your brands!

Governing patient data into business- and regulatory-ready shape can be painful and costly if done incorrectly. Persistent data quality issues and lack of real-time updates hurt outreach, onboarding, regulatory reporting, and other essential processes. 

Best Practices for an Effective Patient Journey

Start with Information Agility

Flexible Real-Time Integration

Flexible and efficient integrations across systems, including real-time update capabilities across all of them

Extensible Data Governance

Data governance across diverse systems from marketing, patient services, external vendors, and others

Business & Regulatory Accuracy

Accurate handling of consent, preferences, brand, and other extended profile attributes for business reasons and regulatory compliance

Ease in Scalability

The ability to scale domains, attribution, and volume as they grow with your business

External Systems Integration

Real-time publication of mastered patient data to internal and partner systems

Enter Coperor Ecosystem MDM by Gaine

  • Is a scalable cloud-first SaaS platform designed exclusively for healthcare​
  • Has pre-defined, out-of-the-box data models and governance proven by the largest life science organizations in the country​
  • Quickly integrates into your workflow​
  • Validates, cleanses, and enriches data based on industry-standard rules, custom rules, and third-party data sources​
  • Real-time data synchronization across your ecosystem via notifications and integrations​
  • A simple user interface to steward patient data
  • Provides improved business insights by basing data analysis on a single source of truth​
  • Bidirectional, real-time Salesforce Connector
  • Third-party Reference Data Integration

How can our affordable patient master solution optimize your patient journey? Let's chat!

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