About Gaine

Gaine helps leading healthcare, life sciences, and biotech organizations leverage information as they strive for competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Gaine’s Coperor™ platform arms its clients with Information Agility™, which maximizes flexibility, minimizes cost and time-to-value, and eliminates the risks associated with implementing new systems, migrating existing systems, and integrating data from internal and external sources.

Our Story

Founders Martin Dunn and Jean Paquet are pioneers in master data management. They started their journey in 2001 with the launch of Delos Technology and the introduction of the world’s first Enterprise Master Data Management software platform. Delos was merged into Siperian in 2003 before being acquired by Informatica several years later in the largest acquisition of its kind.

Not content with the success of their first MDM technology, the partners founded Gaine in 2010 to build the next generation MDM technologies that would address the inherent limitations of existing MDM products with an eye on vertical solutions for specific industries. That vision and more than a decade of investment have produced the Coperor platform for healthcare and changed the game once again.