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Coperor offers a major evolutionary break to the discipline of Master Data Management with the introduction of Ecosystem MDM.

No Surprises Act Means Heightened Regulatory Risk for Network Adequacy

The pressure is on. Health plans are under heightened regulatory risk around network adequacy with the passing of the No Surprises Act in December 2020. Learn why data network adequacy is inextricably linked with provider directories.

Meet Gaine's Coperor Health Data eXchange

Imagine a state-wide provider directory utility, or a group of healthcare organizations coordinating a care program, or any amalgam of companies with a desire to align data they have in common. Gaine’s HDX platform enables the alignment of information across organizations with precision, security and control.

Ecosystem Master Data Management for Healthcare: Q&A with Gaine CEO Martin Dunn

We recently sat down with Gaine CEO and co-founder, Martin Dunn, to learn more about Ecosystem Master Data Management (E-MDM) and Health Data Exchanges (HDX). We explore how these approaches succeed in healthcare when so many others fail.

It’s Time for Information Agility™

Health Plans with Information Agility™ can add and leverage new sources of member and provider data quickly without the time, costs and risks that are associated with traditional data integration technologies.

Learn how to put Information Agilty™ to use within your organization.

Third Party Administrators: How much is manual claim intervention costing you?

Try the Claims ROI Calculator for TPAs

The Provider Data Management Lifecycle


Accurate provider data reduces administrative overhead, raises auto-adjudication rates, decreases call center volumes and avoids regulatory penalties. Learn how to achieve and maintain high-quality provider data with the Coperor One Provider solution.

Coperor by Gaine: Real-Time Master Data Management


In this 3 ½ minute video, you’ll see one simple example of how the Coperor Platform by Gaine enables Life Sciences firms to deploy a real-time MDM solution designed from the ground up for healthcare and life science businesses.

No Surprises Act Means Heightened Regulatory Risk for Network Adequacy


The pressure is on. Health plans are under heightened regulatory risk around network adequacy with the passing of the No Surprises Act in December 2020. Learn how provider directories are inextricably linked with data network adequacy. 

What are Your Healthcare and Life Sciences Master Data Challenges?

Coperor by Gaine

Coperor supports complex, mission-critical business use cases across internal systems and external organizations. Coperor enables our clients to better manage patient, provider, and member data in a multitude of scenarios to deliver a competitive advantage.

Coperor One Provider

Provider network management solutions that enable the exchange of provider data at the contract level with contracted groups and plans. Manage network adequacy, credentialing, provider enrollment, and many other critical use cases.

Coperor One Patient

Manage the patient journey from initial marketing engagement to patient services when on a drug or therapy regime. Coperor ensures that individual consent and preferences are managed with total visibility and a fine grain of control.

Coperor One Member

Create a longitudinal record of health plan members across products and enrollment periods. One Member supports member outreach, population health platforms, member risk assessment and many other use cases designed to lower costs and improve outcomes.

Gaine Health Data eXchange (HDX)

Gaine Health Data eXchange (HDX) enables the exchange of information between companies across an entire ecosystem.