Consent Management Patient Opt-in That Makes Compliance Officers Smile

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Healthcare, Life Sciences

Communication Consent challenges for customers, marketing teams, and compliance officers are all too real

Imagine a patient gets multiple phone calls about the same thing, despite having opted out. Or many copies of a paper mailing, some with the wrong middle name and others with a misspelled name. Furthermore, the patient had already received the materials via email weeks ago! In a final snub, imagine the patient decided a clinical program wasn’t for them and opted out of all communication. Yet they continue to get calls from your group and from a “partner” program at a different group in your company. This is frustrating for the customer and inefficient for your marketing team.

Even worse, it creates compliance risks with huge financial, legal, and public relations ramifications for your firm.

“Opt-in” to Copeor by Gaine

Coperor is a cloud-based data mastering solution that enables life sciences and healthcare companies to leverage information across systems, improve data quality, and reduce systems integration costs. This briefing shows some of the business benefits of partnering with Gaine, specifically the areas of Coperor that effectively address opt-in consent challenges in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

Among other things, Coperor helps address:

  • Rapidly evolving business rules and processes
  • Multiple external data touchpoints
  • Strict, evolving regulatory requirements around patient and customer data storage and communication consent.

The challenge gets trickier in 2021: CCPA & GDPR

Both the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have a direct impact on many jurisdictions, and yours may be next.  It’s not just about opt-in anymore. It’s about consumer control over data and the business and legal ramifications if you don’t respond appropriately.

In the 2020 election, California passed a proposition that “provides funding for a Privacy Protection Agency that would be charged with enforcing privacy laws.”[i] It is likely that other jurisdictions will follow, and there could be a U.S. federal level response with the change in administration. Don’t get caught unprepared!


Coperor Ensures

CONSENT UPDATES REFLECTED TOO SLOWLY Patient and other constituent data and preferences are updated across all patient, clinical, and business systems, often in real-time.
INCONSISTENT OR INACCURATE MARKETING OUTREACH ACROSS THE PATIENT JOURNEY Authorized updates will be reflected across all systems. Clinical, billing and other teams will have up-to-date, accurate patient data and preferences.
MULTIPLE SYSTEMS MAY BE USED TO INDICATE CONSENT Patients and other constituents often enter data in multiple places. The business can share consents between applications and data sets.
CONSENT PROFILE IS INCORRECT That the correct consent status from the multiple systems in which a patient may have provided it is reflected. Well defined business rules and logic you can define resolve consent conflicts between different systems.
AUDITS ARE UNAVAILABLE OR LACK DETAIL Executive legal and compliance teams can easily and accurately build consent audits and reports to show ironclad regulatory compliance to CCPA and GDPR and other regulatory requests.
FRUSTRATED PATIENTS Patient frustration is reduced by adhering to the requested type and method of interaction they specified.
INABILITY TO DELETE PATIENT DATA When within the law and authorized by the patient, information is deleted across all systems in which that data resides. The “right to be forgotten” is respected.
LACK OF INSIGHTS INTO TRENDS Insight into data about who is opting in and out, who is providing complete or incomplete data, where, and in what parts of the process is captured. This can help your teams design more effective systems and better customer experiences.

Advantages of Partnering with Gaine

Coperor can help your team tackle complex consent management challenges head on.

CCPA and GDPR Compliance Expertise

Talk with us about the challenges you face, get advice from our experts, and learn how Coperor has a best-of-breed approach to address today’s regulatory environment — and prepare for tomorrow’s.

Consent isn’t just about data collection, it’s about multiple vector management

Other existing solutions treat consent as if it is merely about data collection. But that is just step one.  The management, workflows, and logic that consent management require are what bring Coperor to the next level. Talk to us about Coperor’s:

  • Consent data conflict resolution approach and tools
  • Consent compliance reporting and audit approaches
  • Ability to deal with and manage multiple-source consent data streams
  • “Data map” capabilities that can track data source history to find, correct, report on, and when necessary, remove data from the appropriate source locations

Well Implemented Consent Management Streamlines Marketing Outreach

Marketing professionals need rapid and accurate access to up-to-date consent management opt-ins and opt-outs to improve customer satisfaction. Real-time consent management capabilities help ensure that marketers can confidently and quickly serve patients and customers.

Consent can be given and taken away at many points of service, not just web forms

Consent isn’t just about the web. It’s given and taken away on phone calls, voice mails, during in-person interactions, and on paper forms submitted in person and via paper mail. Coperor’s business logic tools can map to your processes, regardless of where and how many times consent and other data is updated.

Centralizing storage and collation of consent across multiple systems is key

You likely have multiple systems. Coperor’s centralized approach to consent management doesn’t change your ability to have multiple systems, but it does centralize the storage and collation of patient consent in one place with the business logic that will work best for your organization and its systems.

Integrating seamlessly with other systems

Coperor can seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems via a well-documented message system, our programmatic API, and a Salesforce Health Cloud connector available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Coperor by Gaine

A natural resting place for consent management is alongside patient master data. Our approach to communication consent management is but one proof point that Gaine is leading the evolution of enhanced master data for healthcare and life sciences.

Reach out to us to discuss communication consent management as well as how Gaine’s evolved approach to enhanced master data management can help transform your business.


[i] “California just strengthened its digital privacy protections even more. Are federal privacy laws next?”, Nov 4, 2020,



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