Director of Solution Delivery

Digital Director of Solution Delivery


Job Summary

As Director of Solution Delivery, you will define, implement, and monitor structured project and program management practices that deliver customer solutions using Gaine’s unique data-driven Solution Delivery Lifecyle. The key responsibility of this role is to operationalize processes that enable consistent execution of robust solution delivery across all professional services customers. This will be measured based on Gaine’s ability to maintain clear visibility to budget, scope, staffing, risk, and outcome achievement for all initiatives within your scope. It is the Directory of Solution Delivery’s responsibility to identify key decision that fall outside of existing process boundaries of project team and deliver team leadership and ensure that those decisions are properly escalated to the appropriate audience within Gaine’s leadership team to ensure timely and effective resolution.

This role works at the intersection of Gaine’s customer success team (demand management) and Gaine’s internal scrum delivery teams (supply management.) Successful execution of this role requires ensuring that delivery management processes and roles work effectively across both demand management and supply management focused teams to ensure a successful customer outcome.


Essential Functions


Analytical Skills

  • Works with project teams to facilitate analysis of technical and economic feasibility of proposed solutions. Required skills in this area include but are not limited to the ability to evaluate impact on project scope, budget and staffing levels against historical baselines.
  • Assesses project staffing to ensure the right mix of project skills, roles and disciplines required to be successful for all engagements.
  • Analyzes level of effort and budget consumption relative to project outcome realization to proactively identify gaps between cost.
  • Utilizes industry standard metrics to enable consistent measurement of project success across all Gaine initiatives (i.e., value realization, plan vs. actuals, project profitability)
  • Ability to assess whether the right internal/customer roles and expertise have been included when making a key decision.

Communication Skills

  • Able to clearly communicate expectations, plans, and requirements for successful Gaine project delivery to all levels of customer and internal staff.
  • Able to deliver balanced positive and negative feedback to team members throughout the duration of the project to ensure that expectations remain aligned.
  • Provides succinct and accurate communication to Gaine executive team to provide visibility to initiative success attainment and risks to successful outcome delivery.
  • Collects and disseminates all the relevant inputs required to enable Gaine executives to make effective decisions when decision escalation is required.

Decision Making

  • Makes decisions in alignment with established Gaine PMO policies and enforces compliance with those policies across the projects operating within your program portfolio.
  • Identifies gaps within existing PMO policies and methods and initiates action to raise awareness of gaps and implement appropriate solutions if they are deemed to have a critical business impact.
  • Build relationships and influence with project teams to grow a culture of successful delivery. Yet maintains independence from project teams to maintain a posture focused on assuring success for Gaine and our customers.


  • Establishes standards for communication program status reports on consistent basis to ensure management visibility to project delivery progress.
  • Audit existence of standard project delivery documentation and proactively works with teams to prevent/close gaps.
  • Reviews and clarifies project business requirements to ensure that Gaine has a clear understanding of project success criteria.
  • Participates in the development of a project budget and facilitates management of project intake and approval process.
  • Participates in/leads the development of SOW/RFP/RFI processes.
  • Performs routine audits of project delivery practices to ensure proactive discovery of potential issues and assure satisfaction of both Gaine and customer target outcomes.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with project teams and customers during the project to ensure alignment and project progress.
  • Engages with third party consulting vendors where applicable in support of customer project delivery.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience


Technical Expertise

Possesses deep expertise in program (and project) management practices (methodologies, tools, and techniques). These program management practices include but are not limited to the following: program/project governance, delivery management models (waterfall, scrum), project planning (work breakdown structures), scrum backlog management, project budgeting, staffing analysis (resource allocation), delivery risk management and budget tracking.

Possesses a broad understanding of enterprise software delivery practices (product development and solution implementation). These practices include but are not limited to expertise in business process improvement, data migration process, requirements definition, testing (unit, system, and acceptance), support (defect tracking, lights-on-operations). Familiarity with structured software product management is also important for this role to guide internal and customer delivery teams in the clear delineation between product gaps and solution implementation gaps.

Business Acumen

  • Understands the value chain for Gaine customers and linkage between customer business requirements and Gaine technical solution requirements.
  • Utilizes business acumen to help project teams assess relative impact of delivery risks/issues on critical outcome delivery.
  • Understands the value chain for Gaine customers and linkage between customer business requirements and Gaine technical solution requirements.
  • Utilizes business acumen to help project teams assess relative impact of delivery risks/issues on critical outcome delivery.
  • Key business domains relevant to this position are listed below:
    • Healthcare – provider management, member enrollment and claims management.
    • Life Sciences – clinical trial management, patient mastering, prescriber mastering
    • Software – subscription business model, enterprise software implementation
  • Software industry domain knowledge requirements include the ability to understand appropriate mechanisms for communicating future commitments related to Gaine’s software product roadmap as well as understanding how to properly gather customer input for product feature requests.


  • Minimum of 7+ years of experience in related field


Career Path

Advancement within Gaine organization


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