Technical Consultant

Technical Consultant

Job Summary:

Technical Consultants are responsible for implementing Gaine’s products in support of customer requirements. This may involve helping to educate customer personnel on the best way to leverage existing product capabilities. Some cases may require you to implement solutions that enhance or extend existing product capabilities to address solution gaps. Successful solution implementation requires a combination of technical skills and customer interaction skills. Technical skills are required to perform application installs, software configuration and troubleshooting/diagnosis of application and server related issues. Technical consultants may also perform application development tasks in support of enhancing proprietary software features or implementing customer specific business logic. Customer interaction skills are required to help educate customers on key product concepts and techniques as well as to effectively mentor customers through solution implementation.


Essential Functions:
  • Review solution requirements and obtain clarifications as needed to understand the requirement and expected results before accepting implementation tasks.
  • Develop delivery estimates to predict the time required to implement solution requirements.
  • Select or develop high-level technical approach that will best deliver the solution requirements and confirm this approach with your technical lead.
  • Implement the technical solution in a manner that addresses the defined requirements.
  • Validate that the implemented solution meets the expectations.
  • Communicate details of technical implementation in a manner that effective documentation of the development and/or configuration effort performed.
  • Collaborate with Gaine company, product and engagement leadership to provide input on opportunities to improve Gaine’s products and services based on insights gained from working with internal and external teams to deliver solutions.
  • Other tasks as assigned by management.


(Specific tasks involved in solution implementation may vary across customers and projects)

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Specific tools and techniques required will evolve as Gaine’s products continue to evolve however a representative list of tools and techniques is provided below.

  • SQL data model querying and model interpretation
  • SQL development including dynamic SQL
  • SQL Server (including Management Studio and Data Tools)
  • C# application coding
  • Web service development and/or consumption.
  • Source control (i.e. Visual Studio, Bitbucket, etc.)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • A wide variety of file formats including but not limited to JSON, XML, CSV, tab delimited and fixed width.
  • Entry level technical consultants are expected to have relevant education and experience in one of Gaine’s implementation tools/techniques. Experienced technical consultants will have demonstrated experienced with multiple tools and techniques as well as demonstrated experience applying those techniques to implementation of customer solutions. Experienced consultants will also have proven their mastery through multiple customer engagements that demonstrate the ability to handle varying levels of solution complexity and knowledge across multiple facets of Gaine’s core product features.
  • Implement solutions that meet defined project/product requirements with respect to functional and technical outcomes. Possesses the ability to accomplish work within expected timelines or proactively notifies engagement leadership to communicate risks to timely delivery.
  • Thinks through technical implementation details to identify potential disconnects between solution requirements and technical feasibility within the desired timeframe.
  • Evaluates whether implemented technical solution performs in a manner that will meet common security, performance, maintainability standards.
  • Evaluate whether requirements are enough to define what implementation is required. 
Preferred Experience:
  • Healthcare – provider management, member enrollment and claims management.
  • Life Sciences – clinical trial management, patient mastering, prescriber mastering.
  • Software – subscription business model, enterprise software implementation.
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