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Customer Story

Amgen Builds an MDM Foundation of Patient Data Enablement for Patient Engagement Innovation

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The Challenge

Amgen sensed an opportunity to take advantage of the patient-centric paradigm shift. Recognizing the value of patient personalization during the commercial engagement process, Amgen chose to revamp its entire patient support technology infrastructure.

Amgen engaged a group of industry experts to address the following challenges:

  • Patient data spread across disparate internal and external systems
  • Multiple legacy systems with aging technology and lack of patient data interoperability
  • Lack of visibility into patient data due to siloed drug brands
  • Insufficient data and service from third-party patient services vendors

The Solution

Amgen sought a Patient Master Data Management provider. They placed a high premium on lean architecture and scalability.

Gaine’s experience and comprehensive data management solution, Coperor One Patient, was selected because of the platform’s flexibility and confidence that there would be a much quicker time-to-value and reduced overall cost.

With the project underway, Amgen and Gaine discovered a bevy of opportunities to set a new standard for patient master data management. Coperor One Patient provided the core functionality for Amgen’s new patient engagement ecosystem:

  • Centralized system of truth for all Internal patient data systems
  • Efficient patient ID-driven external data vendor synchronization
  • Transition from batch to real-time API integration

“Patient master data is a foundational capability enabling Amgen’s omnichannel engagement directly with patients or through their health care providers.”


 Adi Rapaka, Director, Commercial Information Management, Amgen

“When Amgen started the patient master project, we didn’t have consolidated patient master data. It was in disparate systems maintained by external vendors. There was barely any visibility into patients and their journey.”


Syed Mehdi, Senior Manager Data Management, Amgen

“Being able to integrate internally with the brand websites for patient enrollment was a huge plus. An enrollment portal can start the mastering of the patient data from the very first step. It’s a great help.”


Syed Mehdi, Senior Manager Data Management, Amgen


Ultimately, Amgen needed to have a patient master solution that would master the data with the highest degree of intelligence and deliver it back to each system with intentionality and precision. Gaine and its Coperor One Patient platform provided Amgen with immediate value and empowered its teams to innovate quickly and design solutions for their specific needs.
Amgen built a strong foundation of Patient MDM to meet their ongoing business challenges. Real-time patient data enablement across its ecosystem means real-time impact on the communities that Amgen serves worldwide. That impact, and the commitment to scaling that value through innovation, is the foundation of Amgen’s 40-year legacy and its continuing leadership in biotechnology.

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