Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers

Experience Scalable & Robust Policyholder MDM

Coperor E-MDM (renamed from Master Data eXchange or MDX) has been used by P&C carriers for the past decade to build and maintain a consolidated profile of their policyholders over time, across lines of business and products.

Accelerate the Customer Journey for Increased Profitability

How Does it Work?


Coperor E-MDM combines policyholder information from multiple internal systems like PAS, CRM and historical claims databases to build a rich, complete profile of each policyholder.  Coperor can seamlessly incorporate additional data from reference data providers to enhance your understanding of the policyholder if required. Coperor rules and machine learning ensure that duplication is eliminated, and a single-view-of-policyholder is available across all your operational processes.

Flexible Real-Time Integration

Flexible and efficient integrations across systems, including real-time update capabilities across all systems.

Extensible Data Governance

Data governance and data quality management are provided across all connected systems through a central set of rules.

Data Privacy & Consent

Accurate handling of consent, personal preferences and data privacy regulations to support all current state and local regulations.

Identity Management

Accurately identify each policyholder with confidence. Machine learning improves matching over time.

External Systems Integration

Integrate external data sources with internal systems. Publish updates to contracted partners like brokers or affiliates.

Business Benefits
  • Achieve true insight into the customer with single-view across all systems
  • Increase insight into opportunities to mitigate costs and maximize returns
  • Minimize human interaction with the data
  • Integrate third-party reference data sources in record time and with minimal errors
  • Decrease manual claims processing time and overhead costs
  • Increase policyholder satisfaction



Technical Benefits
  • Share policyholder data across systems through the Coperor Service Bus
  • Build an ongoing data governance process based on industry-standard rules modified by your best practices, custom rules
  • Quickly stand up a solution with immediate results
  • Fuzzy matching supported by machine learning to build alias lists and cross-walks
All data is validated against reference sources​
All data is governed centrally and predictably in one place, synchronized across systems
The solution is scalable and data is highly accurate

Flexible Real-Time Integration

Coperor arms Insurers with Information AgilityTM, enabling you to see a complete picture of each policyholder irrespective of the underlying systems in use. Coperor E-MDM is a cloud-native platform that enables adaptable customer mastering throughout their journey: consent and privacy governance, CRM integration, and real-time alerting and notifications.

Leverage our team of Subject Matter Experts with deep insight into industry-specific use cases, data models, and dashboard and reporting configuration. Leverage cleanse and transformation rules for multiple data domains in a single, integrated model.

Consent Management & Privacy Adherence

Consent and preference management tools optimize the policyholder experience and help to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other state, national, and international privacy and consent laws. Our consent tracking interface allows your teams to automatically track and weigh various opt-in and opt-out events as well as customer preferences. Quickly deal with Right to Access, Right to Rectification, Right to be Forgotten and other data-intensive requests.

Use Cases for Insurers

Single View of Customer – Auto and Household

National Commercial Property and Casualty Carrier: Agency Data Quality

Penn National Insurance: Single-View-of-Customer Across Products

SAP Integration of Vendor and Business Partner Data