Coperor Next Generation MDM: Collaborative Data Governance

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Next-Gen MDM

Coperor supports collaborative data governance to help make data mastering decisions across autonomous systems.  

The Gaine Advantage

There are many types of master data, with differing management processes. One of the more challenging categories of master data are those without a definitive “correct” answer. Certain data are only correct when the organizations that share this information agree. For example, to confirm the participation of a provider in a health plan network requires that the provider and health plan agree with the answer. There are no primary source databases or reference data that can assist in the resolution of a conflict, only collaboration between the two contracted parties will result in a correct result.


Assess the type of master data you need to manage and talk to us about opportunities to collaborate with your partners across the ecosystem for improved master data quality.

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