Coperor Next Generation MDM: Data Orchestration

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Next-Gen MDM

The Orchestrator in Coperor E-MDM differs significantly from typical MDM orchestration. Coperor incorporates a high-performance object data store to capture highly correlated healthcare and life sciences data that isn’t usually accounted for in the typical MDM stack. 

The Gaine Advantage

Coperor aligns the details of extended profiles across a healthcare industry data model. For example, Coperor can evaluate service locations in claims transactions to understand a provider’s contractual relationship with a health plan.

Coperor eliminates duplicate maintenance efforts that would otherwise be required across applications and processes. This enables an easier, smoother transition from legacy processes with minimal disruption.  

Most importantly, Coperor massively reduces the design and implementation steps (and cost) that a traditional ground-up MDM design would require. Savings include comprehensive data model design, industry specific business rules and test cases, built-in automation, and a built-in software maintenance process, among others.  

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