Coperor Next Generation MDM: Privacy and Consent Data Management

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Next-Gen MDM

Privacy and consent management have changed dramatically with the advent of GDPR, CCPA, and likely upcoming state and possible federal regulations that have substantial reputational and financial repercussions for non-compliance.  

The Gaine Advantage

Whether it is right-to-know, right-to-be-forgotten or opt-in tracking, Coperor provides a granular, real-time approach to privacy and consent management. For example, if a patient opts-out of a notifications to a specific therapy on the phone, updates another marketing consent on a web portal, and an agent receives a written request for another preference, Coperor ensures that the gold master tracks these choices. In addition, for compliance, Coperor can report on when and where each specific consent was updated.


Understand if the vendors you are exploring can support complex logic around discrete consent attributes across multiple products and programs and provide a “map” and compliance information to prove that certain data was deleted, kept, who requested the action, when, and in what data source in the ecosystem that attribute was mastered from.

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