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Coperor offers several configuration options that address the most common master data types for healthcare and life sciences.


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The Power of the Gaine Healthcare Data Model

The Gaine Healthcare Data Model is a key differentiator of the Coperor value proposition to healthcare customers. Our proven industry data model has expanded and matured over many years and multiple projects to deliver reliable results across dozens of complex use cases in healthcare and life sciences.

A major benefit of this proven industry model is the comfort of knowing that, no matter what use-case our clients solve first, the platform will scale in terms of volume, scope and complexity. Gaine is committed to staying ahead of industry trends to ensure that Coperor is always ready to support your next step in the journey towards interoperability across the ecosystem.

For Life Sciences

One Provider enables life science organizations to model the provider networks responsible for prescribing their products and managing patient outcomes.

For Providers

One Provider is ideal for provider management organizations that are responsible for various administrative functions for individual providers and small practices. Coperor clients include MSO’s, IPA’s, ACO’s and other delegated entities.

For Health Plans

Health plans have multiple systems that rely upon provider data for a variety of critical business functions. These internal systems tend to exist independently of each other, and as a result, may contain conflicting, ambiguous, or outdated provider data. Coperor One Provider enables payers to align provider data across all internal systems and offers effective mechanisms to connect to providers for updates and attestation.


Coperor One Provider combines with Coperor One Member to give Third Party Administrators and Health Plans the best possible auto-adjudication rates by correcting and standardizing member and provider data between claims data and core administration systems.

For Life Sciences

Coperor One Patient enables life science organizations to effectively collect and integrate patient-related information from initial contact in omnichannel marketing programs to managing outcomes through patient services.

The One Patient solution incorporates data privacy and consent management information to ensure adherence to regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.


Healthcare continues to evolve to a shared risk model where reimbursements are tied to patient outcomes. Coperor One Patient provides the foundation for managing patient risk including support for Population Health platforms that rely upon accurate patient information.

Healthcare Payers

The Coperor One member solution is designed to enable health plans to build longitudinal profiles of members across enrollment periods and products.  One Member creates a single profile for each individual along with the relationships between the member, their dependents, providers, caregivers and risk-bearing organizations involved in their care.


Coperor One Member combines with Coperor One Provider to give Third-Party Administrators and Health Plans the best possible auto-adjudication rates by correcting and standardizing member and provider data between claims data and core administration systems

Beyond a Traditional MDM Solution

Ecosystem-Wide Master Data Management

Healthcare is perhaps the most fragmented yet inter-dependent industry on the planet. Healthcare organizations operate in a complex ecosystem that is highly regulated, constantly evolving, and reliant upon literally thousands of disparate technologies.

Coperor goes beyond traditional MDM technology to integrate provider, member, and patient information across the entire ecosystem in which healthcare organizations operate.

Everything in Real-Time

​In our increasingly digital lives, consumers have become accustomed to everything-on, everything-available, all the time. Consumer expectations have created challenges that far exceed the capabilities of traditional healthcare systems.

Coperor enables collecting, sharing and mastering of provider, member, and patient data in real-time from any application, any platform, any service. Coperor E-MDM also ensures that organizations can exchange data with each other without concerns over the data standards of each connected system.