Third-Party Administrators

Are you ready to save on Claims Processing?

Improve data quality in claims data and align provider, patient, billing org and service location data to maximize auto-adjudication.


TPA Auto-Adjudication Savings Calculator

The TPA ROI calculator estimates your potential annual savings on claims auto-adjudication with Coperor E-MDM (Enterprise Master Data Management) solution.

TPA Auto-Adjudication Savings Calculator
The TPA ROI Calculator estimates your potential annual savings on claims auto-adjudication with the Coperor E-MDM (Enterprise Master Data Management) solution.
Enter the number of members that you currently serve.
Input your current rate (percentage) of claims that are processed without manual intervention.
Schedule an introductory call with us to walk-through how Coperor E-MDM works specifically to reduce administrative hours on claims corrections and other blockers to the ideal Auto-Adjudication Rate.

Coperor E-MDM for Increased Profitability

How Does it Work?


Coperor E-MDM combines historical claims data with multiple other sources of provider, patient and contract data to build robust master profiles. These profiles combine with Coperor rules and machine learning capabilities to correct new claims before they are rejected and queued for manual review.

Business Benefits
  • Experience dramatically increased auto-adjudication rates
  • Minimize human interaction with the data
  • Integrate third-party reference data sources in record time and with minimal errors
  • Decrease manual claims processing time and overhead costs
  • Greatly reduce IT intervention and solutions design for handling provider and member data issues
  • Increase member and provider satisfaction with your claims processes
  • Breathe easier – the systems are working together, finally, and scaling just got more reachable



Technical Benefits
  • Deal with the complexity of multiple sources of claims data “sources of truth” across many systems
  • Build an ongoing data governance process based on industry-standard rules modified by your best practices, custom rules
  • Quickly stand up a solution with immediate results
  • Establish a foundation for dynamic changes and growth in a fast-moving, regulatory-heavy business
  • Fuzzy matching supported by machine learning to build alias lists and cross-walks

Enter Coperor Ecosystem MDM by Gaine

All data is validated against reference sources​
All data is governed centrally and predictably in one place, synchronized across systems
The solution is scalable and data is highly accurate

How can your Auto-Adjudication Rates get the boost that they need?

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