Penn National Insurance: Single-View-of-Customer Across Products

by Jul 11, 2019


Penn National Insurance is a leading property-casualty insurance carrier with more than 750 independent agents in nine states. The company is almost 100 years old and is one of the largest carriers in the United States based on net premiums written.



To facilitate a number of key initiatives, including enhanced workflows and the development of customer analytics, PNI wanted to leverage the extensive data in their legacy systems to link customers who possess multiple policies and/or quotes. To accomplish this, the company needed to match records that otherwise appeared to be separate entities due to some inconsistent and incomplete data. The goal was to establish and assign a unique customer level identifier for each specific customer.

PNI used the Coperor E-MDM platform by Gaine as well as Gaine’s vast subject matter expertise to support their objective. Through a collaborative process, Gaine helped the company move quickly to identify the missing relationships by developing a hierarchical set of rules which were applied to both active data and 7 years’ worth of historical data. With a 98% success rate, the rules accurately discerned both the records that should be matched and the records that should remain as individual entities. Only 2% of the records required human intervention for a final determination. Gaine’s user interface, the Coperor Console, greatly increased the efficiency of the decision making required to finalize the last 2%. The result is that the company now has a complete view of their individual customers.

The Coperor platform is a persistent database that builds and maintains links to current customers as their attributes change and incorporates new customers as they are introduced to the company. Implementing Coperor E-MDM required no changes to existing legacy systems and was quickly rolled out across multiple lines of business with minimal impact on other enterprise projects.



The Coperor E-MDM platform resolves the different ways a customer’s attributes may be represented across different products lines and across time. This ongoing resolution allows the company to maximize the value in their legacy databases—greatly enhancing their understanding of the customer. This enterprise-wide single view of the customer provides the company with significant operational and analytical benefits that were previously unavailable.

“Gaine has helped us uncover hidden data relationships across our many disparate application systems. Their deep expertise and flexible engagement model have made them a valuable business partner.”

Britta Schatz, CIO

Penn National Insurance