SAP Integration of Vendor and Business Partner Data

by Oct 16, 2018


A U.S. carrier with national coverage and multiple product lines was acquired by a top-tier global insurance group with more than 30,000 employees in 39 countries.



The US Company was required to consolidate its supplier information into the group-wide SAP implementation. Prior to loading vendor records into SAP, the company had to ensure that these records did not already exist in the SAP application.

The company’s vendor information had to comply with the best practices established by the parent company. The data quality uplift required was going to require either a significant amount of time from business users or an automated solution.

The company leveraged Gaine’s Data Migration Software as a Service to accelerate the preparation of vendor information for SAP and to reduce the amount of time required from the business to establish the required level of data quality.

In addition to cleansing the vendor data, the Coperor E-MDM platform enhanced the quality of the agent/producer, claimant, and claim payee information.



The company achieved the required level of data quality for SAP without a significant time commitment from business users or data stewards.

The company has realized reductions in stop payment charges for incorrect payment address information.

Analysis of duplicate records and address data enhanced the escheatment process.

Creating a common view of business partners and linking related parties provided increased data quality that has enhanced the fraud detection process.