Single View of Customer – Auto and Household

by Feb 26, 2018


A regional insurer of home, auto, and commercial insurance.



The company had evolved over the past 30 years from just offering auto insurance to offering multiple product lines. Its systems were home-grown and partially outsourced. Other than several attempts to manually link its customers’ various policies, the insurer had little more than a policy-centric view of its customer.

The company wanted to leverage its historic claims, policy, and billing data to maximize its understanding of its customers and to drive improvements in underwriting, customer service, and up-selling.

Gaine gathered existing files from the analytics environment and extracted the individuals, companies, locations, and other assets from these files. Gaine loaded this information into the Coperor platform in order to identify duplicate individuals, companies, and locations as well as relationships between these entities.



Gaine helped the company identify more than one million individuals that were involved in a policy as either a co-insured or an operator that had never been previously tracked as a “customer.” More than 20% of these parties were participating in at least one other policy, and a significant number of these were linked to multiple policies across different lines.

In addition, by combining historical data and data from multiple lines of business, the company was able to significantly increase the completeness of the customer data and resolve many data quality defects.

The benefits to the insurer included improved underwriting information, better customer service response, and more insightful marketing analytics.