Provider and Patient Data Migration Checklist: What You Need to Know

When preparing for legacy data migration, mergers or acquisitions, or upgrading systems its critical to be aware of the problems that create costly, time-intensive, or fatal issues. Many of these problems are typically only visible in the later stages of a project when it is too late or intensive to resolve.

Learn how to avoid common issues when embarking on patient and/or provider data migration projects. 


Organizations should carefully assess their preparedness prior to starting their data migration in order to avoid the pitfalls. The proper project management attention needs to be given to the data migration/conversion effort for these projects.

Here we discuss eight key areas that should be given close attention before embarking upon a data migration project:

What’s inside:
  • Specific Guide for Patient Data Migration, Provider Data Migration, Healthcare Data Migrationand Life Sciences Data Migration Projects
  • Coordinating Business Stakeholder Participation
  • How to Estimate Effort
  • Forming the Data Validation Plan
  • Managing Specifications
  • Critical Testing Techniques
  • Strategy for Going Live
  • Ongoing Data Governance
  • Important Advice for Project Success