Streamlining Claims Processing

Setting a New Bar for Provider and Patient Data Accuracy for Third Party Administrators

This paper describes some of the key problems in medical claims processing encountered by TPAs, and how transformational organizations are implementing specific technologies to solve them and modernize claims processing workflows, increase automation, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Those familiar with claims processing understand the many points at which data quality, disaggregation, and frequent inaccuracies interrupt workflows and require manual intervention. Third Party Administrators are spending valuable time, expertise, and money:

  • Manually correcting outdated and incorrect patient and provider data that cause claims to fail auto adjudication
  • Manually validating data from portals and other sources
  • Working to figure out data integrations and struggling to make them work, let alone make them work efficiently and bi-directionally

Download the Streamlining Claims Processing whitepaper and learn how to solve these issues with one key intervention in provider and patient data management. 

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