Understanding the Provider Data Management Lifecycle

Provider data quality impacts almost all aspects of a healthcare payer’s business operations. Despite investing significant time and effort, health plans struggle to maintain high-quality provider data across siloed systems.


Inaccurate provider data gives rise to significant administrative overhead through re-keying, lower auto-adjudication rates, increased call center volume, and even regulatory fines.

The Provider Data Management Lifecycle whitepaper explains the shortcomings of traditional provider data management and what to look for in a modern provider data management solution when, improving business processes and outcomes.

What’s inside:
  • The provider data management lifecycle
  • Integrations landscape ( LexisNexis, NPPES, CAQH, Credentialing, Claims, Attestation, Provider Roster Groups, etc.)
  • Gaps in provider data management which lead to issues
  • Benefits of a true provider system-of-record
  • Best practices in provider data management
  • Key capabilities of a Provider Master Data Hub
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