Across Systems. Across Companies. One Platform.

​Coperor E-MDM by Gaine enables healthcare organizations to build accurate, complete, and up-to-date master data across internal systems and across its ecosystem of trading partners.

Coperor accelerates success and helps avoid pitfalls in the complex business of modern healthcare and life sciences master data implementation. The goal? Improve patient outcomes, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure regulatory compliance at a lower overall cost and risk to patients, providers, and life sciences firms.

Exclusive Focus on Healthcare

Gaine is focused exclusively on the challenges facing your healthcare or life sciences organization.

Ecosystem MDM

Coperor E-MDM has an extensive multi-domain healthcare and life sciences data model. It is built on years of focused experience across dozens of major healthcare organizations in the payer, provider, and member spaces.

Much More Than MDM

Coperor by Gaine is a cloud-first platform staffed by experienced practitioners who have lived on the front lines of the specialized world of healthcare and life sciences data for years.

Healthcare & Life Sciences-Specific

Compared to solutions with a general, multi-industry approach, Gaine better addresses healthcare and life sciences specifics because that is all we do.

Why the “E” for Ecosystem MDM?


Coperor is an ecosystem-wide master data management platform. This next-generation approach looks beyond merely mastering data. Coperor:

Designed from the ground up to address master data alignment across the healthcare ecosystem.
Harmonizes master data between internal systems and external partners.
Best-in-class matching for individuals & organizations with proven algorithms for HCP and HCOs.
Provides cell-level survivorship across complex master data profiles for provider, patient and member.
Has a Salesforce connector in the AppExchange and additional connectors are soon to follow
Support for data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA including the right to be forgotten.
Seamlessly integrates with transactional data stores, data lakes, or ancillary data stores.
Robust API enables real-time integration from any modern application.
Allows audits to understand where a particular cell of data originated